Integrating Organic Keywords In Adwords – How and Why?

How to import organic data in Adwords?

To import data into Adwords you need to link your Google Webmaster Tools to your Adwords account.

In Adwords click the gear button and Account settings. Then click Linked accounts and Webmaster Tools. You’ll see this screen:


Now you can link your URL. You do need to have permission, which means your Adwords e-mailadres should also be an admin in Google Webmaster Tools.

Now this is what you’re after:


Alright. Now you’ve linked your accounts Adwords will give you organic stats to mess around with. Go to a campaign and click Dimensions. Now click the dropdown and select Paid & organic.


Don’t mind the campaigns and stats here, this is just a test campaign of mine.

Now you’re at the report that gives you insight into Adwords stats and organic stats.

I’d say this is a fairly expert-level feature. It’s a great report to have if you’re managing really large campaigns with a wide range of keywords.

Also the paid / organic report is very handy if you’re managing a small campaign but with a large budget and expensive CPCs.

Here’s a few tips what you can do with this report:

  1. Find new keywords to advertise on. You can filter out keywords that have organic impressions / clicks but no paid impressions.
  2. Find organic keywords that have a low position, but are showing a good CTR. Maybe you could up the CPC bid to get more results from this search term.
  3. Find new organic keywords to focus on. Are you seeing keywords that are getting paid impressions / clicks but no organic impressions? Up your SEO game on these keywords.
  4. Create valuable reports. If you’re a marketeer, you’ll probably have gotten the question: is it worth paying for my visitors if they can click on the organic result? Well, you can create tests and reports with you’re new insights now.
  5. Save money. You need to optimize budget-wise? Try having lower paid positions for high-ranking organic keywords. Do keep an eye on your ROI though.

There you have it. Organic stats matched with Adwords stats in your Google Adwords accounts.