Should You Have an Adwords Branding Campaign?

We don’t need a branding campaign in Adwords. People will find us via organic results.

This would be the so-maniest-time I’ve heard this. And don’t get me wrong, you would be right. But it’s not the whole story. Now I’m not saying you should have a branding campaign per se, just make sure you’ve gone through all the pro’s as well as the cons.

So here we go.

A branding campaigns is cheap

I know, this isn’t a reason to do anything at all. But unless your brand is also a common word, your campaign will be cheap. So the cost element probably is not that important.

It’s good for your overall quality score

Every keyword in your campaigns is given a quality score. The higher your quality score, the less you pay for your CPC. A part of every quality score is build up by the CTR history of your whole account. This means the CTR of all keywords and all ads.

A branding campaign will be low-cost, high CTR and high relevance. I’m going on a stretch here, but a really good branding campaign might pay itself back by driving up your account quality score.

You can send traffic to the right page

An often heard argument is that people will find your site via organic results. While this may be true, with your Adwords branding campaign you can steer searchers to the right page of your website.

You probably will have people land on the homepage via the main ad. But you can use ad extensions to trigger people to go to a new product, a landing page or the contact page.

Excellent remarketing opportunities

Via remarketing you can perfectly target previous visitors of your site. Also you can target non-customers, if you work with a customer-login. if you run a website that generates leads, you can target non converting visitors.

With remarketing in combination with a branding campaign, you are able to set up a special offer via an ad and send traffic to a landing page. You can even target people that have an incomplete e-commerce checkout.

Outbid competitors that might advertise on your brand

Competitors might bid on your brand. Or products. Or spelling errors of either. The thing is, you can’t really stop them. So you might want to play along.

I’m not saying you should target the brands and products of your competitors, but you should at least be the best advertiser on your own brand and products.

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