Hello there. I’m Edwin. For five years I worked as a marketing consultant for a respected Dutch e-commerce agency. After that I’ve been the online marketeer for the webstore of a 125-year old family clothing-business. Ever since I’ve been working on my own projects and doing freelance work.

The last year I’ve been working a lot on PPC campaigns, Analytics implementations and reporting. I’m involved in some great teams for awesome companies. Which is all good.

But. I also got into some hard-to-tackle challenges. You see, the online marketing world is moving so fast, new challenges and possibilities appear daily. I noticed I couldn’t really find online resources¬†to help me out for some specific questions. So I scratched my own itch and documented what I was doing. And sharing my findings¬†with the teams I’m working with.

So why not polish up my thoughts and make it a blog right? So here we are. Donkergeel. Which is Dutch for Dark Yellow.